For shissel da lingo

OK Guys, change of plan, from now on this blog will appear either in german or english. Or both. You - dear reader - do not have a choice.
And guess what? We had an awesome weekend.
I feel like I was writing about awesome weekends only over the last three weeks (well, actually the last five month...but anyhoo) but they have just been - mmmhh - well - actually - you know - pretty awesome!
The Garthenator down here gives a pretty good image of how the vodka massacre started friday night at studio b. It was insane. And his Dancing Moves as well. He must have been inspired by the last Flight of the Conchords Episode considering the way he was jumping and pirouetting around like a...well...kiwi having pretty much fun

But the next day everyone had to pay the bill for that ridiculously fast and heavy abuse of alkoholic beverages. It took me till 7pm to recover and I heard from a reliable source that our dance-mates felt exactly the same. It was terrible. Even the shape of a beer bottle made me feel uncomfortably serious:

But the arrival of Lotte, Lisi and Adrian made - of course, I mean, check that smile - the really nice BBQ at our new Kiwi friends Anna, Matt and Helen even better. And yeah - everyone ended up drinking and massaging each other.
Laid Backness!

The whole TAJ Team whishes Lotte a good flight back to Germany and a great start in Venice and the same for Lisi, who starts an internship in Chicago on Tuesday. Good Luck Girls!

It's supposed to look like I heart NY, but I guess I have to work on my light-writing skills.

And a new series starts today right here called: The Empire State Building from every bloody angle. Honestly, you can see it from everywhere, it's crazy. It's so crazy that I want to share this particular crazy feeling with you - dear TAJ reader. So from now on there's gonna be at least one crazy angle picture of the Empire State Building on every post...
By the way, this picture was taken on Gareth' roof, just like the one underneath with Helen and him looking cool/sexy.

Ruth on Canal Street looking seriuos because of the traffic and her move to New Jersey.
I hope - and I know that I am not the only one - that this move won't cause serious damage to our newly invented hey-it's-the-weekend-let's-hang-out-all-together-and-have-a-killer-
But we all learned an awesome thing about american restaurants. Ruth took us down to that italian place in Jersey to say thanks for helping her move. So we checked the menu, searched for the booze - and here comes the catch - they had no license to sell alkohol there. But we were free to bring our own, so the guys took off to the liquor store and then we had 3 bottles of really good wine for a resonable price and enjoyed the amazing food. Thanks again for that.
God, please bless this country. You know, once in a while...

Oh - what's that? Another differtent angle picture thing of the empire thing. Now that was quick, wasn't it? Word!


thomas nietzsche said...

the empire state building - new yorks uniriese. great.

heinz schopenhauer said...

the restaurant without alcololk. noch greater!