Before you go to a Justice concert you are obviously trying to become as much a hipster as possible. Our friend from New Zealand taught us some serious lessons about being hip and cool at the same time. Of course in Williamsburg, after a fancy gallery opening.

And I think everyone did pretty well. For example Alexus, using the shades for her advantage.
(Please note the Bedford Av sign in the back, that's sooooo Williamsburg)

And we were the last hipsters leaving Brooklyn that night, cause all the others were already at the venue in Manhatten. And I think Ben fell in love with my Bling Bling NYC Necklace. He hesitated giving it back at the end of the night. And I can totally understand him.

And then: Business Time!

Those two guys are freakin Rockstars. No doubt. The Bass was kicking, we cried "D.A.N.C.E." and "because we are your friends..." out loud, shook the booty, smoked illegally inside the building (felt totally like back in the days) and enjoyed the huge soundsystem they built up.
It was sooooooooooo goooooooooood.
no, upps, sorry
Here a link to some nice pictures from that night: klick

After the concert the party went on with Erol Alkan and one of the Justice guys DJing back to back at Studio B in Greenpoint till 5 in the morning and because of that I almost overslept the saying-good-bye-to-the-best-kiwi-ever-(apart-from-
The G-Dissel, der G-Vati, the Garthenator, the incredible G O B left today for a week to Australia and so we had to say good bye for at least half a year.

My dear friend, I had an awesome time with you, thanks so much for your generosity, your jokes, the New York in a Bag present and for all the lovely hours I spent working and hanging out with you. It was a pleasure. Keep up the good work, try to make it a bit conradical (you should know some tricks by now) and stay as you are, don't turn into a hipster slash animator.
And I know the picture looks a bit gay, but it was a very sad good bye hug.
For Gissel!

And by the way, he's saying hi to all my visitors he met here. And hopefully he's coming over to Deutschland next year, so everyone who's interested can make appointments to meet him now.

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Hannah said...

Ich hätt da gern so'n "rdv" wie die Franzosen sagen oder eben "appointment", Termin, Date, Treffen, Verabredung, Zusammenkunft, Begegnung, Meeting, Stelldichein (?!?). Eher Nachmittags. Gern auch Abends. Kafé oder Kneipe, mit Kaffee oder ohne oder Kola oder Klubmate. Kuba Libre is auch in Ordnung. Hauptsache Kiwi!