The lost tribes of NYC

Short break here from the NZ diary, Mr. Frede just sent this link from from across the globe:


The Lost Tribes of New York City from Carolyn London on Vimeo.


Day 3

Day 3 started with a nice and greasy breakfast, exactly the thing we all needed to get rid of the massive hangover that sneaked into our heads while we were asleep.
What you - dear reader - can't see in this picture is the famous band Fat Freddys Drop, one of New Zealands export hits, sitting right behind us at this awesome surfbar on the beach.

On the way there we saw a Penguins-Crossing-Sign and from that moment on Kitty was hooked up to see these little puffy (and apparently very smelly) birds...soon you - dear reader - will find out if we succeded.

You're nobody in NZ without a house, a terrace and a frickin awesome view from that very terrace onto middle-earth, as Vic's brothers place shows here.

Too top awesome views you need a house that can only be reached via a lift through the jungle, like this one here:

and of course an even more amazing view on your Front yard, lit by Godrays:

Back yard:

And the freshly (again) married couple enjoying the sunshine and hand killed food at a BBQ, but we gonna go deeper into NZ specialties soon, so watch out for the next posts, dear reader.


Day 2: Wedding (again)

So guess who got married for the second time - this time in New Zealand?

Here's a hint - if you - dear reader - were there that day you might have seen the beautiful couple getting officially united. Again.

Still no clue?
Okay, the handsome guy in the gray suite is not me. Neither is the gorgeous girl in the white dress me, nor one of the bridesmaids.

Of course it is G and Vic. Getting married (again) on this wonderful Sunday in the middle of the harbor promenade of Wellington and looking all dashing. (Vic's Dress was handmade by her mom)

But the Bride and Broom were not the only ones looking really smashing...

...while they were glancing and pointing at camera diaz and...

...finding myself in a suit for the first time in years made me wanna become a catalog-model for C&A instantly. Or a spy. For C&A.

The problem about taking pictures in the 16:9 format is that sometimes you loose the important things on the top or bottom. Can you - dear reader - tell me what's missing in this picture? If you get it right there might be a hot flatwhite waiting for you. (Just to prevent misunderstandings at this point - a flatwhite is a coffee with milk and very popular in New Zealand)

Another thing that is flat and white are these ribbons, here shown by Helen in a very attractive way. At the traditional dance after the afternoon coffee we might have went a bit to crazy with these...

...and after the ceromony there was an afterparty, and after the party was a hostel lobby...

...and a very bad hangover the next morning.


NZ Day One

All right, I am not sure if I will put up pictures from each day of the trip seperately, but we shot so many that it might end up with that diary style.

NZ North Island with cute puffy clouds from above

NZ South Island (with the misty mountains in the back) from above/side

So here's day one, the arrival of the NY Fellowship in Wellington (capital of NZ, about 424.000 inhabitants in the whole region) after quite a long flight with the recommendable Air New Zealand Airline across the Pacific. We were suprisingly brisk and enjoyed a few welcome-drinks on G's parents terrace with a stunning view across the city and the harbor.

20°C, sunny, fresh wind from north west

A big Yay for Water, Sun, Wind and Captain Planet!

After Lunch the fab 4 went up Mount Victoria (or in local lingo: Mount Vic) to see the first tree in quite a while after spending almost the entire winter in front of computer screens. Supposingly Weta (which is based in Wellington and earned the city along with other production-companies the name Wellywood) shot quite a few scenes of that award-winning triology about little people doing big stuff in that very forrest we're staring into.

More Trees, ...

...more Water and Wind and Wellywood in the back.

Tireswing-stunts presented here by Adam, doing a Tire-360-Nose-Flip-Grab-Pop-Tip-Toe.

And that's how it looks almost everywhere in the urban jungle of Wellington - Victorian houses, San-Francisco-Styled-Streets and everywhere Americans standing around dazzled by the beauty of this city.


NZ Preview

Dear Reader, the next post might take a bit, but be asured that I will try my best to squeeze the last 2 weeks I spent with my lovely friends in the beautiful country of New Zealand onto this unrequested Super-Data-Highway-Newspaper.
The Picture above is a little Preview of the Awesomenessss we experienced over there.


Uncommented B-Day Party Pics

Hello, here are two very impressive videos for you dear reader to watch. the first one "Gary" was created by Clement Soulmagnon, Yann Benedi, Sebastien Eballard and Quentin Charillet, all students from the insane french animation school Supinfocom. It's a great mix of amazingly good character-, 2D- and Cell animation (or at least a really good toon shader) and beautifully composed Images. Enjoy!

Gary from Gary on Vimeo.

Number two is "Please Say Something" by the Mastermind David O'Reilly (if you haven't yet - dear reader - check also his compression reel in the post under this one) who shows in an insane visual language the Love-Life of a cat and a mouse. It's pretty mental but sooooo amazing at the same time!!!

Please Say Something - Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo.