Bloc Party and Pictures and Bla Bla Bla

OK, first of all another 'the esb from every angle picture', this time from that small spot in williamsburg right on the east river. As you can see it's doing its job pretty good in terms of skyscraping...ta-da

Awesome Ernies and Berts in Greenpoint, the polish area next to Williamsburg. This photo was actually taken over two weeks ago but it is so damn hilarious that it has to appear here on this digital journal against forgetting.

Oh yeah, Bloc Party playing at Madison Square Garden. They rocked the heck out of it and were all like totally like awesome. But honestly, next time I'll get a ticket for the first row, I can't stand that sitting and watching a rock-band like a theater play or a movie.
Anyhoo, it was really really good when you forget about the trance that the sound guys played during the sound-check before the concert started.

The R2-D2 Mailbox. You are nobody as a mailbox in the states when you are not dressed as a famous character from science fiction movies.

The very important skyline-picture, but I guess you, dear reader, spotted the difference. Yes, this time it was taken from the Jersey side.

And the parents just took off back to Germany, totally impressed and also relaxed after a 10 day all american slash new york experience. I hope they have a good flight and I am really looking forward to sleep in my bed again. But we had a great time and went out for so many dinners, it was insane. The picture above shows the fancy thai-place 'Sea' in williamsburg, where - by the way - the movie 'Garden State' was shot as well. And today we went to the UN for lunch (a must do for everyone visiting NY, I got the phonenumber) and guess what - the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sat right next to us enjoying his Lunch. Awesomeness!

Oh, and the new Sony bravia spot is out now - sooooo gooooood! (and check the city in the back, it might look familiar) KLICK


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