Keith Schofield...

...is a very talented director of commercials and music videos. After checking his great interpretation of end credits
in the new video for Lenny Kravitz & JUSTICE here

don't miss the amazing Diesel Cel-Animated Porn viral in case you haven't seen it yet:

and the clip for the BPA feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal:

Actually, check the whole site, www.keithschofield.com, amazing and inspiring work can be found there!


Happy Birthday Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge turned 100 years old today. It was designed by Ralph Modjeski and Leon Moiseff and was the last of the 3 bridges connecting Brooklyn with Manhattan. Even though it's very noisy to cross, because you're walking or biking next to trains and cars, the view is stunning and it's never as busy as the Brooklyn Bridge, which makes it a joy to cyclists that are sick running into tourists on the bike lane.
Also worth to check out after a walk across the bridge: Joseph Pelling and Dan Britts short movies.
outside the box

The Lost Coin

The Colouring

And for a good weekend relaxer here some CG Polar Bear hockey amazingness:


Pico by takcom

Awesome animation by Takafumi Tsuchiya to experimental jazz music by SJQ. Via Feed.