6 Layer Fun

Hola, today we start with another awesome invention of the American food industry: ROJO's 6 Layer Dip. The taste is somewhere between pretty disgusting, layery and well - junkfoodish.
If somebody wants to try some: cover _my_nacho_with_6_layers@taj.com

Here you see our friend the Garthenator in a pretty social-critic pose. It wasn't intended to be awesomely deep and meaningful but the longer you look at it, the awesomely deeper and way meaningfuller it gets.

That's the Cake lovely Kitty made me for the big Good Bye Party on Friday. Thanks again so much for that. The boobies were amazing and very very delicious.
And as you can see I choose the right cloth that day before I went to work, to make the cake in my face fit with the colors of my shirt and my jacket.

As you - dear reader - can guess, it was an awesome night. Almost everyone was there at this cosy beer bar in williamsburg, where they even sell Leipziger Gose (bottled), and after a couple of those it got pretty emotional....

Fun in tha Hood.


Hannah said...

Nein, wie geil, der Gareth hat ernsthaft den Vogel abgeschossen und sich den original Fan-"Flight of the Conchords"-Sweater besorgt!!! Ich erblasse vor Neid und Hochachtung.

Anonymous said...

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