Finally Matthew Herbert made a song about my hometown!
Also very nice, sexy and roto-intense (unless it was made in 3D) Mrzyk & Moriceaus music video for Sebastien Tellier and the tenth anniversary of the record makers label.


The mystery gets solved...

People have been wondering what the whole hand model thing is all about, well, on the Buck website a bunch of old jobs just got added to the library and if you scroll down to watch the LA Times job, check the credits afterward...

Romans Panama Movie

Roman, our friend from Austria who worked with us for 2 years ago just uploaded a movie about his trip to Panama. As far as I got it everything was shot with a DSLR, which creates awesome pictures and a great depth of field, and combined with his well-trained eye for pretty moments and scenes a great movie came out in the end. You can read more about the shoot on his Vimeo page.
Every time we get to see a glimpse of his trips the whole office gets jealous, because Roman is doing, what we all would love to do, we just have no time for it. Well, maybe one day, until then we will have to enjoy his movies and pictures...



Nice tilt-shift video of NYC called "The Sandpit" by Sam O'Hare.

If you ever wondered how it looks like in North Korea, check out these 3 movies by Vice Magazines VBS.TV

Pleix from Paris just released their new short "Piu", in case you were wondering, what goes on when you leave you laundry alone, watch the movie!