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sweet one by bitstate
(Klick da pic)

Virgin Flight security video

Please buckle up, put your seat in a straight position and enjoy this safety video by virgin airlines.


Animated Fireplace

Oh, that's awesome, an animated fireplace-dvd for only $9.99. The ideal christmas present. (klick the pic for the link)


Vancouver 2010 de Buck - Studio d'animation

Voila, C'est ca, les amis over à Les Etats Unites createured this tres bien petit clip pour le Olympic Wintergames 2010 à Vanouver.
Congratulatiòn. Je like it very beaucoup. Pour getting to the Site de Web Klick à la picturè above or underneath justement.

´Je even can remembre de travailler on the premiere frame in my derniere week à Bück. That makes it très cool to voir the animatiòn ici.

Yeah, Sunshine! Totally forgot about that after 4 weeks of cloudy november-rain-styled weather. But there it was - shining bright into my eyes. Lovely.

And this is a pretty famous building, our friend Goethe used to do gardening in there...And you are nobody in Weimar when you're not taking at least one picture of this house each week.

And these two handsome guys are DJing tonight at the Planbar again, kicking the shit out of the Serato. It's definetly worth to check out. Starting at 10pm, reggea, dubstep, rap, deephouse.


The Planbar Party

Shotta Paul

The Furious Freak Brothers

Die Schanderslebener Spatzen (first gig since 7 month)

The small but decent dancing crowd.

Wii-playing at Shotta Pauls place at 6 in the morning after a nice pasta meal. Awesome!
It was a fun night although we only got €35 to split between five guys for playing almost 8 hours...well - nevermind - we drank tons of beer for free, the Serato worked just fine and it felt so good to DJ again after all this time. And next week another round at the Falken for Kuschelrock Vol. 3!


Planbar am 22.11.07

Bevor richtig tierisch abgekuschelt werden kann, müssen natürlich erstmal die Beinchen schön angestrengt werden. Und was eignet sich dafür besser, als eine kochend heiße Sohle auf dem Dancefloor in der Planbar zum Schmelzen zu bringen?
Nicht viel!
Neben den Gebrüdern Gründl als The Furious Freak Brothers und dem Shotta Paul legen auch erstmal seit über 7 Monaten die Schanderslebener Spatzen mit einem blassen Special Guest auf.
Erscheint zahlreich.


Der Flyer ist das Ergebnis von mehreren Jahren Studium an der Gestaltungsfakultät und kann sich wirklich sehen lassen. Herr Büttlomand - gut gemacht! Weiter so!


Kuschelrock Vol. 3

Es ist wieder soweit, pünktlich zum letzten Novembertag was warmes für die Seele von den DJs der Herzen:

Und natürlich weil der eine Spatz sein Diplom geschafft hat und der andere wieder in good old Germany ist. (Und um dem schon vorraus zu greifen - Ja - die Spiegelungen auf dem Plakat funktionieren nicht. Und sollen es auch nicht!)
Also Sportsfans, sagt es euren Freunden und Verwandten, am Freitag dem 30. wird tierisch abgekuschelt.

C2C-2005 DMC Show

C2C-2005 DMC Show



He made it

Congratulations Mr. Büttner! Or should I say Mr. Büttlomand?
He got a 1.3 and was so relieved that he finally got done with it.
The movie is just awesome and I am looking forward to work with Max and him at my place on the second part. Sooner or later there is gonna be something about the whole project on www.kontrollhamster.de but not yet...
If you wanna see the pictures of that party night and thepresentation just klick here: Klick


Showfensterbummel in Weimar/Old NY Pics

OK Sportsfans, we start today with some pictures I took on my last day in NY to capture this awesome 50's flair at the flat in brooklyn. Above you see a timer-light-switch.
Underneath my beloved Caffe Capri. Joe and Maria are selling the best Iced Coffee in NY there and it's a place you - dear reader - should visit one day. The interior design, the smalltalk on the counter, the pictures on the wall - it's just amazingly sweet. (427 Graham Av, Brooklyn)

Every morning the same question in the shower - which one is for hot water?

A hot stove that even survived the cold war. Ta-da.
Ok, but to be fair here some Pictures of weird things in Weimar that Thomas and me found today on the Foto-Safari. (The snow started falling last night - please appreciate - dear reader - that we went out at a freezing temperature of 0° C or 30°F to provide you with these amazing inside-views)

This Painting here shows Knut, the sweet little polarbear from the zoo in Berlin greeting a guy that used to be pretty famous in Weimar (and whole germany of course) a couple of years ago...you know him, he's got a weird beart, but I'm too afraid to write down his name)

One of those apostrophe-catastrophe's

raw minced meat on a bun for just 1€ - delicious!

OK, that's a tough one:
-cool, crazy, self-confident
-no reservations
-hot music
-trendy TV
-ultracool haircuts
-laid-back atmosphere
-your number 1 hairstylist
-professional, communicative, funky
Hairkiller-with the licence to style

Prices on food and booze: all the stuff on the table (9 bottles of good wine, 12 finest south-american steaks, tons of fruits and veggies) for 70€. That's insane, compared to New York Cittttty. And It was way too much, but everyone on the table was happy:

The guy in the middle - Daniel - finally shows his diploma-movie this friday at the Lichthaus-Cinema at 3:30pm. It's totally worth to check out the crazy stuff he and Max produced over the last 6 month.
Be there or be square.


Food Punch

andy from the former lonely island crew starring in this snl short. awesome!
especially the jovi-punch.



The new room in the old town

Weimar, home to so many thinkers, artists and drunk students. It might not be a big city, but it is very small.

Moved to my old appartment on saturday and it's freakin awesome - all that space for a small amount of money - saweeeeet. I am riding my bike every morning to get from bed to my desk. It's quite an exercise, but I don't wanna loose the muscles from the every-morning-across-williamsburg-bridge-ride. Do I?

Autumn in Germany. Some call it depressing, I call it Colour like no other. (the Sony people gave me tons of money to write that...)

Smart people hanging around here everywhere. That guy here looks a bit pale, but he wrote some awesome plays and dramas. If you - dear reader - know the famous person I am writing about just tell me the next time we meet and you may recieve a suprising present...



Also nur zur Information: Daniels Diplom wird nicht am Montag präsentiert, ein neuer Termin steht noch nicht fest. Der Gute ist ganz schön deprimiert deswegen...
Deshalb und wegen nem Gig der Wighnomy Brothers im E-Werk fällt auch Kuschelrock Vol. 3 vorerst ins Wasser. Die Schanderslebener Spatzen melden sich, wenn es Neuigkeiten gibt und zur einstweiligen Befriedigung unsere Fans hier der Spatzen-Background als kostenloser Download.

Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis.
Aber gute News gibt's auch: Die Alpha-WG erlebt ab nächste Woche einen Relaunch mit ordentlich neuem, großem Zimmer für nicht $900 Dollar pro Monat. Awesome Miet-Illness in Weimar Cittty.