Weekly Ad update

Hello dear reader, here a few nice print and video campaigns i stumbled over during the last days:

1st, Mow the Lawn, for Wilkinson pubic hair shavers. Guess which company did the endtag? If you think you know who you can win the razor from the spot, we have it here at the office.


Awesome Scrabble spot!

Smart outdoor campaign by Agency Leo Burnett

Psyop delivered their second cardboard spot for UPS, amazing lighting and texturing isn't it? Guess who worked on it? If you know it this might be your chance to win a piece of the original cardboard that was used for the spot...

The Buckers from LA created this amazing short for the F5 Fest that was held in NYC 2 weeks ago. More spots for F5 can be found here: KLICK

If you haven't seen it yet: David Wilson music video for Moray McLarens "we got time" is really stunning because all the effects are supposedly made in camera without any use of CG or compositing. But If you look closely there were some masks drawn in the edit. If that can be declared as compositing is up to you, dear reader.

Takeuchi Tachijin created this wonderful stop motion piece about a wolf chasing a pig in pictures. Love the idea and the great ways of realizing it. How many toners do you think he used to print all those pictures?

And the last one for this week: Buck NY for the introduction of the new appearance of the soft drink Mountain Dew including fancy footage of skater P Rod. I was working on 3D, Animation and Compositing. For a higher res version please klick here: KLICK


NZ Diary: Day 6

Good morning beach and water, hey fishes - how are you doing?
After a pretty cold night in the tent we stretched our tired arms in the first rays of the morning sun (yes, another early wake up call), smoothly dressed in still wet cloth and jumped right into the kayaks to continue the journey. First thing on the list: hunting breakfast!

No breakfast there, only huge salad-trees...

...ahhhh, that looks way better. And smells a bit fishy.

Oh yeah! Seals on a whole grain sandwich with Weka-eggs, seaweed and avocado. Delicious! (The small seal babies with their huge seal eyes were particularly tasty.)

After that amazing and rich breakfast (one seal per kayak) we quickly went to the next beach, waited in the water for the water taxi (where else?) and got picked up with all the equipment, kayaks and so on and brought back to our starting point. Why the rush you might ask yourself - dear reader - well, we had to travel all the way down to the jungle on the west coast and the clock was ticking...

On the way to the west coast, the clouds tried to look as epic as possible to impress us with some LOTR Matte Painting look-a-likes...

Epic river winding them self through the misty jungle-hills? There you go:

I think when we got to the west coast it was the first time that we had rain in the afternoon, but it was worth it! Cold, windy, nasty rain slapping in our faces while we leaned out of the car to take those pictures.

And that's the place we were heading to, a holiday home in the middle of the jungle
in Punakaiki. So awesome! We had to go through the jungle (with a big ass suitcase that can be frustrating to reach the place) - more pictures soon.

The master bedroom - reserved for Helen and me...

And that night it was my turn to prepare some food so it was time to show the kiwis some serious pasta madness with separate bacon and a lot of good nz red wine.


cute animals

I guess all of you have been bombarded by now with links of really cute animal clips on youtube or blogs that are dedicated to pictures of them. Well, the commercial industry already knows about the hype and is pumping out quite a few virals to join the wave of cuteness. Apperently the one below is not advertising anything and after seeing lambs in shirts, hamsters eating popcorn on pianos and suuuuuuuupppperrrrrrr cuuuuuttttteeeee little kittens bunnies and so on I think this one here is the winner so far:


NZ Diary: Day 5

On the fifth day of our middle earth exploration tour we went to the Abel Tasman National Park to do some serious kayaking in the Tasmanian Sea on the north-east side of the south island. After quite a long health and safety instruction in the morning we packed all our belongings into the kayaks, wrapped the life jackets around around the waist and took off for a couple of hours to explore the coast from a different point of view.

Even thought the sun was shining it was pretty windy that day and from time to time it was a bit of a struggle to make our way through the waves...

...but the scenery surrounding us was absolutely worth it, as you can see here - Kitty and Adam were really happy, showing the "it's all good" sign with there paddles above the head.

One of the many amazingly pretty lagoons that can only be reached when the tide is low was our first stop for a delicious lunch break.

More lagoons....

Once in a while the sun decided to take a little break and leave us with some serious looking clouds and quite a fresh breeze...

...but luckily the rain waited till we reached our camping spot (that can only be reached either by walking there or taking a boat) and amazed us during dinner with this beautiful scene:

And then you find yourself at an almost deserted beach, knowing that there are no cars, no cellphones and no internet for many miles around you and all you can do is sit there and enjoy the silence and untouched nature. Horrible...

...especially when the moon comes out to put everything in an almost unreal yellow-blue light.

I think that night we didn't only sleep really good because of all the hard workout during the day but also because by that time we completely let loose from all the civilization-needs that you get so attached to in the big city. It was wonderful.


Cloisters, BBQ with Emmett and Glücklich1

Last weekend (happy Easter afterwards btw) Helen and me went far uptown to the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum showing some serious medieval European art and architecture in a reconstructed mixture of 5 different down-scaled French medieval Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park on the north-west side of Manhattan.

It feels really funny walking through those halls and looking at art pieces that were collected from all over Europe, mostly by George Grey Barnand, knowing that this is more like a best-of Middle-Ages than an authentic setting with a really long history to it.

Once you've been to a real medieval cloister or castle in Europe it's kind of hard to take the cloisters serious because most of the exhibited pieces are older than the United States and they just don't really belong there.

On the other side it's a great way to get the feeling for those old buildings and the collection really is stunning, especially the unicorn tapestries, which are a great seller in the gift shop of the cloisters.

So, in the end - if you, dear reader - are in the mood for some medievalism, I can highly recommend to take the A train up to 190th street and check out not only the museum but also the beautiful Fort Tryon park that surrounds it right on the Hudson river. And if that doesn't satisfy you, than you might wanna get a plane ticket and get across the Atlantic to see the real medieval deal in places like Naumburg an der Saale, Germany for example.

Then, Mr. Emmett turned older again and he gathered all his friends around at the east river on a beautiful sunny and warm saturday to celebrate. Here, as usual, uncommented pictures of people having fun. In the sun.

Sarah started a Fashion Blog recently, called public persønæ, and looking at all the projects and nice pictures and interviews she put on there already makes me feel like she's taking it very seriously. Check out the 30 Days Project, really amazing, especially thinking about her wardrobes size by now...

And one last thing, my old roommate and his band Glücklich1 were also in town and played at a small venue in K-town to bring some Berlin-flavour over the ocean. Check out their website or myspace and enjoy their slightly melanchonic but playful sounds.


Career Evolution

Original (found or made) by Tina Roth Eisenberger:

and Ben's Mograph version:

William Spencer

Maybe you - dear reader - enjoy those videos of skateboarder William Spencer, who does some pretty amazing and crazy tricks, and according to Yker, all the other skateboarders don't like him because his tricks are not cool enough. In my opinion he's freakin talented and awesome, but I am not a cool skater...


Nr. 1
Yay! Got them back, the MK2's, and now there's a new start under a new name with new music, Ladies and Gentlemen: DJ Lupo is in the house from now on. And, only for you - dear reader - the next mixtape is coming soon!

Also we started the springtime quite sporty with an exiting game of soccer and ultimate frisby in the park on the first - and so far only warm day so far. Yker shares some pictures on his flickr page HERE

After these exciting activities we also had the first BBQ so far on the roof and it was the perfect start for a grill-season, soon underlayed by funky beats from my new decks (I am pretty excited about them, as you can notice...)

Grill master spinbalon made...

...fingerlicking good food.
And Helen recently updated here blog with tons of new work, that is totally worth to check out HERE

Wittle Universe

UPS Gladiator for Psyop

Dante's Inferno for Psyop