Although it was the worst weather on the weekend (kind of Londonish, humid, foggy and drizzling rain) the parents and me went down to dumbo to check the art under the bridge festival. It was pretty cool, like every year...but that was just the beginning.

A moving black thing on the street was THE attraction for the kids.

My new condo at the river.

Jonathan Yeo
On the way yo the new museum we accidentally found a gallery on houston and bowery, and it's totally worth to go there. Now that I am writing that here I totally forgot the name of it, but once I get home I will provide you - dear reader - with names of the place and the artists.
(Outsiders NY, until Oct 12th, 282 Bowery, www.lazinc.com)

Well, I know one - on the left side - Faile!

Not sure if this is part of the exhibition but it looks pretty sweet in my mind...

Worth to take a closer look on these leaves (and the bush portait)
it's all cut-out porn and there's a nice interview about Jonathan Yeo in the current Lodown magazine.

Invader & Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins

The Man!
And really worth watching for all the Sarah Palin Fans out there:

And of course the New Musuem, I remeber putting a picture of it on the blog a year ago, when it was still a huge construction side. The building is really amazing, the current exhibition After Nature is not that stunning, apart from Werner Herzog's depressing "Lessons of Darkness" and also two floors were closed so, I gonna wait for the next show to get the whole new-arty experience. But the view from the top floor is really nice.

One of the scary Ghost Bikes in the city that shows where cyclists got killed by cars.


Back on Illustration again.


Happy Bithday Ben

That's how we say Happy Birthday in my Heimat. The Lederhosen will stay in my closet now till Halloween, but the certainly are an eye catcher.

Heren with the typical German Fox-Hunt-Hat smiling all rovely.

Sohee's showing the new tooth she just bought and Chris, well, he is just Chris I guess. It was a full moon last night and at midnight he did his classic Werewolf-Morph and ate random people at the bar. It was bloody hilarious.

And here two nice eyecandies for you - dear reader:
first a light-character playing piano (via Fubiz)

Light-Paint Piano Player from Ryan Cashman on Vimeo.
And the Trailer for the 2008 Cartoon Forum by students of the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttenberg with amazing Characters invading Ludwigsburg (I guess)
(via Motionographer)


Homework for the Weekend

Dear reader, i stumbled over quite a lot good and interesting things on the super-data-highway over the last few weeks but i totally missed to post them on this digital thingy here. So your homework for the weekend will be to check every single one of the links below. There might be a short-test taking place monday morning, so you'd better be prepared.

#1 Polish Film Posters

49 more awesome ones can be found here: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/50-incredible-film-posters-from-poland/

#2 Weird Condom Commercials
for girls:

& for boys:

These are sooooooo weird - really. Awkward!

#3 Atchoooo!

by the Fire Brigade

#4 Miguel A. Salek's updated his sick Particle Reel

#5 Helens Work-Blog-Site-thing
(that makes me really jealous...in a way...but starting to learn maya now...)

#6 Designer Julien Vallee
from canada has some nice stuff on his site here:

#7: MEG - Precious
Please watch the movie in full length, it's worth it, even though the beginning is kind of lame...but it ends up hilarious!

MEG - Precious @ Yahoo! Video

And the final one:
Camera Diaz had to work hard for the guys at the office 2 weeks ago, when the machines were rendering and they decided to make a short short stop motion piece with all the characters and toys lying around on our desks:

Instant Classic!


Moon over Brooklyn

I just love hanging out on the roof - especially when the moon is so full and bright as it was last night. The only problem are the Brooklyn Werewolves hanging out everywhere. But they're not as bad as you - dear reader - would think. Just give them some Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream and off they go...


9/11 08

this year from my roof


Fire Island

After working quite long hours over the last few weeks, the spirit of buck was a bit down, even though we finally got the new office almost completely furnished. Actually this couch was a bed for almost everyone by now.

Another great thing about living at the office is a constant supply of food from restaurants in the hood. This here is the result of an indoor BBQ. I feel like I ate out of plastic containers for the last weeks. And I can"t stand this stuff anymore - so I decided to get into serious cooking. If you - Dear Reader - have any cool recipes that you can recommend - I would be delighted to try them out at my kitchen. Thank you.

And of course everyone wants to play his or her music out loud to punish the co-workers ears (i still think that anyone here is really into Gekloeppel and Liebhouse).
And it's not like we're obsessed with a certain producer of mp3-players, but it's just easier to keep them apart once they're all black.

But then the delivery day (d-day, hihihi) was over and the weekend came and we spent a chillaxing-weekend on fire island, that's about here:

View Larger Map

And it was amazingly beautiful. The beach was almost empty, the waves really high and the sun was burning sunburns on our backs.

Emmett was not impressed at all, but being from California requires that attitude towards sand and water I guess. But he took the most amazing pictures ever, please check them out here, on his flickr account: KLICK

Our house, in the middle of the island...lalalala

Everyone was cooking something, french toasts, chicken, salads, sandwiches, rice or noodlez, surfboardsoup, elephants - i decided to cook myself a nice V&T on Ice and watched the busy colleagues chillaxing on the couch.

Under the wooden paths were usually all kinds of really big spiders, rattlesnakes and hairy monsters hiding. But they are all getting paid by the Visitors to stay under there in the dark so unfortunately I couldn't take scary pictures for you - dear reader. Well, I'll try to sneak back on the island once the season is over and hope to catch some of the unloved creatures then with Camera Diaz.

Oh, and apart from eating and drinking, we were mostly hanging out on the beach or in the hot tub - da jaccuzzi - to make the whole stay a bit more rap party like.

Best thing ever - thanks to Kate for showing us that - Chicken, steamed and cooked to perfection by inserted Beer Cans. Looks weird but tasted delissssshhhh

Yeah - beach!

More Beach, Yay!

Beach at night. With moonlight overlay.

If you - dear reader - can read this, contact the TAJ team and win an awesome price from underneath the wooden paths...

But of course being a bunch of spoiled brooklyners now, we quickly missed the sounds of gunshots and exploding cars at night and couldn't get to sleep at all, cause it was just way to quiet.

and we gonna miss that one as well, what a shame...surely be fun. If you are a republican.

Back home? This way. But watch out, Deer's crossing!

This picture doesn't make sense yet...but I'll explain it in a while - right now I am not allowed to say anything. Sorry.
So it was a really great trip, we got back super laid back and recharged, with fresh color painted on our bodies by the sun, bright white smiles and saltwater-bleached hair. Thank you very much Kate, Yker, Kitty and Kevin for setting up everything so nicely and of course for all the amazing food and drinks. I think there are more pictures about to come soon...on a blog close to you, dear reader.

Oh, and another anouncement:
www.conradostwald.com is finally online.
Thanks to Henning for that one, I really appreciate it and will totally buy you an Ice cream for programming it, once you get over here.