Fox Animation Domination

Fox asked Buck NY to redesign their Sunday night Animation Domination marathon and allowed the famous cartoon characters to interact with our bold font characters, that are kind of mean for some reason. The result is a fun and colourful ride with a decent amount of yelling and insanity. Click on the pics to watch...


Theo Gennitsakis

Theo Gennitsakis
is a Paris based illustrator and designer, who recently founded the agency La Suprise.


Funny and creative street art and installations by SpY from Spain.


from now on bigger...here a picture to proof it:


Stuff for September

Sorry dear reader for being so lousy about posting lately but it was pretty busy the last weeks, which doesn't mean I didn't come across some amazing stuff on the superdatahighway:
First of all I found this really interesting Blog called " \ \ \ " putting up some nice big contemporary art pieces in huge pictures (That inspired me to overwork the Layout of TAJ...more of that soon)

On this very blog i found works of Kazuki Takamatsu that really impressed me. Basically it looks like a depth pass of 3D anime characters but apparently it's gouache paintings.

Chris Chairns came up with a short movie called Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory with music by the Scratch Perverts:

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

Helen found a Sketch Website called Odosketch,

where you can - well - guess what - yes - sketch your little things and then you can see the process of the sketch like this jammy here: (klick on it!)

And last but not least my new favorite DJ from the UK, Joy Orbison finally released his 2 bangers Hyph Mngo and Wet Look on Hotflush.

Can't wait to play it out loud!!!
Check his mixtapes HERE


NZ Diary: Day 11

Back in Wellington we had to tell all the stories about the seals, wales, dinosaurs and weird foods over a good pint after a day full of relaxing with the worlds biggest squid at the Te Papa Tongarewa, drinking flat whites and shopping for Merino Wool sweaters...

Fallen Gelassen nominated at the First Steps Award...

...which is supposedly the most important award for upcoming film makers. Daniel and Max were walking down the red carpet and the DW interviewed them about the awards and the movie. Click on the pic below to watch it (from 2:45...).