Gareth's long way from NZ to NY

Just beautiful. The video as well. It's documenting the long way he took to get from New Zealand to New York Shitty once around the globe. Try to watch it frame by frame - dear reader - to see all the exciting stations of his and Vic's journey.

Here's a Link for a higher res QT version for the whole frame by frame thing....KLICK


Helen's Plushyopolis

Pure plushy and sculpty awesomeness with more information on Behance Network by Ms. Choi


Barack is keeping it cool...

...in a beautiful SNL shot


So sweet, Kernmit the frog singing "New York I love You" by LCD Soundsystem on my favourite spot right at the east river in Williamsburg.
Thanks for the tip, Ellen.

Chris Dane Owens - Shine on me

This going around the world right now and I think it is so awesome that I do have to post it too:
Shine on me by Chris Dane Owens.

The only questions is: are they kidding? Or is that real? Regarding the fact that he might be from LA explains a lot though, but it's not explaining that video...


Motion in Motion

Here a few things I really liked from the last weeks in Motiondesign (or Motiongraphics, however you want it):
Starting with 2 works from Stephane Coedel, opening titles for a Cartoon Network Show that is not airing (unfortunately) and the BBC Olympia 08 Titles.

The Amazing Adventures of Kid Cole & Klay from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

BBC OLYMPICS ©2008 Passion Pictures from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

Also 2 Stop Motion Pieces, the first by Johnny Kelly, who is working at Nexus, for Adobe called "Seed"

and the 2nd one by Team DAK, called "Involvometer":

Intervelometer from Kunal Sen on Vimeo.

The ideal song to listen to after waking up and zipping on the coffee with a nice video by Parra:

Here some work of Jen Stark with her awesome paper sculptures:

And last but not least, you - dear reader - should have a look on these Blogs here, first we have the Grain Edit Blog, if you are into Illustration and stuff:

And secondly the Lovely Package Blog, for - yeah, you're right - lovely package design. (A really good thing about is, that the guys put down the fonts that were used for the designs.)

I hope you enjoy browsing through all this stuffffffff....fffff..ff..ffffff.f.


Projections and Thanksgiving Catch-Up

When the winter hits NY (no snow yet) it's not only time to get the scarfs, gloves and long sexy undies out of the closet. It's also time to prepare some delicious food (usually something that contains turkey, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, usually all in a big deep fried munch) and share it with your dearest on - yes, dear reader, you got it right- thanksgiving.

So that's what sticks out after a delicious spinach pie, a turkey pizza (with a handmade doe pie) and a rhubarb strawberry pudding pie. The next day was the so called Black Friday, the official start of the Christmas Shopping season that kicks in right at 12 am with massive discounts and sales. That leads to cruel accidents like a WalMart employee that got trampled to death by the furious masses in Long Island or a shooting in a Toys'R'us between two husbands after their wifes started a fight. The men shot each other, luckily nobody else got hurt. supposingly it wasn't about a bargain...
After hearing News like that it's good to see that there are still normal things going on in the world, like these amazing projections here by the french based Easyweb Company.