Sooooo goooood, the whole fold-up-book-thing as a music video by Shitdisco "OK"

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Good News

Starting friday the 21st of December the daylight will reappear more and more to bright up our smiles.
Turn off the Light, here comes the Sunlight...


X-Mas Greetings from NY

What a sweet christmas tree the guys got at the office.
And if you - dear reader - take a closer look you might even spot a little german on the wall.
I am wishing you a merry X-Mas and a busy father Christmas with a huge bag of presents.

The Dark Knight Trailer

Finally! Klick below and look forward.



small bachelor update

To proof, that I am actually working here...



the beerchurch opened up again last night in weimar and the guys are showing 3 wes anderson movies in a row till thursday. starting with the life aquatic with steve zissou last night, the charly buckett trio (sounds like a mix of cinematic orchestra, kruder and dorfmeister and a bit dj-krush) played songs from the movie afterwards wearing red caps and enjoying together with the small but decent audience the nice atmosphere at this pretty cool place. Tonight the furious funk brothers are djing right after the royal tennenbaums.
A good party indeed, I am glad that there is still something good going on at night here.

And they made a pretty awesome flyer. a wooden cross and a moveable soccer player.
Thanks to Henning for the pictures)


Kuschelrock III Evaluation

Ok, that party wasn't the biggest success in the carreer of Die Schanderslebener Spatzen - but fair enough - we had 5 other parties to compete with and Weimar is pretty small though.
Anyways, we looked great - Daniel made himself a Kuschelrock T-Shirt and I put on the whole NYC Hipster costume. The people that showed up kind of liked it (hopefully) but we decided to do no more parties here for a while when nobody appreciates efforts in organizing something like this because they rather go to the same place they hang around all the time anyway to pay 1 euro less for the beer and listen to usually crappy music on a bad stereo.

Okay, that might sound a bit harsh, but it was really disappointing friday night. I am going out now, cause I do my crying only in the rain. Next time might be better or perhaps our timing was just bad for a softrockparty but you know - dear reader - we would do anything for love, cause she's like the wind and when a man loves a woman in the city lights we are dust in the wind and will never break your heart in gotham city with the power of love we died in your arms tonight. We don't wanna lose you because it must have been love!

But because Die Schanderslebener Spatzen are the DJs of the hearts we have edited and uploaded the whole-over-5-hours-recording of this night for you dear reader.
Please enjoy: KLICK
And please don't mind the 47 turn-off-the-turntable-transitions - we used the serato that night and we just couldn't help it to scratch and turn off as much as possible...