Back for Good

There we go. Arrived safely in good old Germany, the flight was horrible and the jetlag felt like being drunk without paying for booze - awesome!
Tomorrow I´ll be back in Weimar to start studying and I hope I'll find a good, new, cheap place to stay for the next month and get those messy tons of paperwork done.
It's funny, cause nothing really changed here, you can still smoke at the bars, the beer is good as always (but the bottles are so big - crazy) and the prices for food are just halarious. (i.e. 2 euros for a massive kebap)
But it feels kind of weird being back. Everything is cleaned up, there are no plastic bags flying around, it's amazingly quiet, the air is just sweeeeeet and it's freezin cold, especially at night.
I haven't slept that good in month, but I already start missing a good strong NYC Coffee. The Coffee here is pretty lame.
Anyhoo, there are things that are great here and things that are awesome in NY Citttty.
And I wanna thank everyone who showed me these things again:

Dear Claudia, Gareth, Ben, Yker, Orion, Ryan, Kate, Kitty, Angela, Ruth, Sasha, Alexis, Carlos, Sarah, Arthur, Amilcar, Eli, Daniel, Doug, Stephanie, the whole Venezuela-Crew, all the freelancers that worked at the office, all the sweeeet Kiwis, Maria and Joe from Cafe Capri, everyone I was living with in Williamsburg and all the others I forgot to mention right now - it was great working, hanging out and partying with you. Thanks so much for everything you did for me. For giving me the chance to proove myself at this freakin cool company called Buck. I have learned so much over the last six month, not only about the business but also - and I know it sounds horribly deep - about the whole life-and-myself-thing.
Let's stay in contact - please - and next year we gonna rock the dissel for my shissel pu pissel.
And to say it in the words of Andrew W.K.:
I like New York City, Oh Yeah, New York City!

This picture appeared on the blog earlier I think, but I don't mind. It's just for sentimental reasons and because of the longest summer I ever had in my entire life.

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Anonymous said...

we love you and miss you conradical. drink a real beer for me. ohh and eat a kebab for me too. ohh and a german girl. gareth