Say it with a pizza-box

Having so much space underneath the amazing miami-80s-killer-design it's pretty obvious to put "God bless America" and "Say NO to Drugs" on the box.
I am not sure if I am coming back soon though...

But - Dear Reader - please go to the movies on a rainy or a sunny day or night and watch Wall-e, the new Pixar movie, you might have heard about it. We saw it last night and were certain, that it's the best Pixar-Movie so far. Awesome Animation, Rendering, Story, Camera, Soundtrack, Idea and Credit-Titles in the End. Don't miss it.


One Track Lover

Rick Dagless MD is the best. No doubt! But Sanchez got way better singing skills!
Thanks to Rob for showing me the new Super-Summer-Song.


It's here - the new summer-mix tape. Luckily Ben allowed me to use his decks on the weekend so I recorded this mix for you - dear reader - and the listeners of a local radio station called Corax in Halle an der Saale / Germany. Being aware of the fact that not all readers might be able to tune in to Corax, you can easily download the 45 minute long mix here:

Kaneda - Sommermixtape

01 Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Sunshower
02 San Serac - Tyrant (Alternate Version)
03 Carmen - Time to move
04 Metro Area - read my mind
05 Lo-Fi-Fnk - City (The Teenagers Remix)
06 LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
07 I:Cube - Prophetization
08 Roland Appel - New Love
09 Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Joakim Remix)
10 Ada - Barren Space
11 Solomun - Black Rose (Trickski Remix)
12 Stateless - Bloodstream (Henrik Schwarz Club Mix)

It's not perfect, but I was pretty hangover when I did the table-turning so please excuse me and the mix for that. Thanks. The reason for that: the first rooftop party at the new place. Although not everyone could come it was a lovely evening and I thin everybody enjoyed the mild breeze up there, combined with some strong booze and, Schwäbischem Kartoffelsalat and italian-style pasta-salad. Handmade. With fresh ingredents.

If you ever wondered what G's parents and legs look like - here you go. Pretty lovely in my opinion.

Roofsitters enjoying Potatosalad

Also Chris and me saw Diplo, A-Trak, Blaquestarr and some fancy dancers at the Central Park Summerstage on sunday. I rode Tyrone up there and was sweating like a rappist - but luckily I was not the only one. It felt like the whole city was sweating that day at about 35°C.

A-Trak spinning his Serato

New Yorkers spinning umbrellas under the merciless sun
Anyhoo, it was really fun, especially because it was free and Diplo really rocked the crowd - way better then A-Track or Blaquestarr.

Diplo: All he wanna do is just - bass bass bass - and take no money

We left before Santagold started her show, but I guess that was awesome as well. Coming up soon: Jill Scott and Jamie Lidell - both for free as well. I love that!


Roman, the Austrian intern considering to change to change his job after he found out that some fellows from his beloved motherland are running a renovation business here.

We serve with pride! At least on the Long Island Railroad. Not so much in other parts of the daily life like supermarkets or shoe-stores, where I always feel strangely unnoticed or unwelcome...

Hardcore-second-row-parking in the hood.

And here is finally another one of the promised pictures of the hood. Originally with porches, nice trees and the typical Brooklyn-Style house, that I really like.

nomoresleep finished the work on OstwaldHelgason's new site. Check it out - dear reader - and klick on the pic.

Then we have an amazing Stop-Motion spot here by PES: Western Spaghetti

And Yker and Gareth finished almost one year after starting with the idea there lovely little Clip "I Like U U Like Me".
I like it.
Very much.

And if you have some time - dear reader - please take it to check out THE BIG PICTURE, a Blog of really amazing Press-Photographs compiled by Alan Taylor for the Boston Globe.

And massive congratulations to Max and Daniel, their Movie "Fallen Gelassen" just won the first price at a Media-Design-Contest at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar. KLICK

And also Rob & Eva started their NYC Blog Rauch&Regen: KLICK
with some cool pictures of the last weekend, cause camera diaz stayed at home watching "The mighty Boosh" and "Garth Marenghis Dark Place" - and she's got a pretty good taste when it comes to TV shows...I can tell

Okay, that was a media-refreshing-post. The TAJ-Team wishes a good week.


Happy marriage

All the best to the beautiful couple.
They got married on Saturday in Prospect park and afterwards we all had delicious nibbles (handmade by Pete&Rosie - they should totally start a Catering-Service) and drinks at Kate's amazingly beautiful Place that reminded me on Apartments you usually see in interior design magazines.

Of course everybody was in a great mood and we just emptied one bottle of white wine after another. As you maybe can see in Thomas' face here...

The well-know Phallus-Building is the Brooklyn-equivalent to the empire state building and of course you can see it from everywhere here in the hood. So as you - dear reader - can guess, it is time to start a new series on your beloved digital-NFT-infomerical-website TAJ: The Brooklyn Phallus Building from every angle.
Number one is from Kate's garden.

Just another random sunset that tried to catch my and Camera's attention with fancy red illumination of the hood. They are everywhere these sunsets - what can you do?

The deal!
Like in fruit or veggis but concentrated!
And so good for you!
Purchase them quick at your local Vitamin Shoppe

The suicide-mob...

...and his friend, the rip-off hydrant.
And of course we celebrated independence, liberty and freedom on 4th of July on a roof in Redhook (maybe the new Williamsburg...).

It was raining like every year, but the fireworks were amazing, especially with a view on both the downtown and uptown ones.

So, Independence, Love and Harmony all on one weekend - pretty awesome!

And the one and only Rob arrived last week and the TAJ-team says: Welcome to the states, Mr Smokefoot, hopefully you'll have a killer time.


Waterfalls on the way to work (jetzt auf englisch)

There we go. One of the 3 or 4 Waterfalls by Olafur Eliasson on Govenors Island. More pictures are about to come soon. And as you - dear reader - noticed the blog is english again after several requests from friends over here. I will try my best to keep it funny, epic and also interesting for all of you - dear readers - and it's actually quite a good practise as well. So please feel free to correct any mistakes I make.

This picture was taken while Tyrone took me to work on his back yesterday. Pretty awesome view, ey? It really compensates all the sweating.

This sign is just amazingly hilarious. Ask yourself - dear reader - what else would you do with our office door when it's not in use? Surf on it? Use it as a table? Eat it? Or teach it to play the guitar and to sing, so you can start a 1-Door band called "The Door"?