Weekly Ad update

Hello dear reader, here a few nice print and video campaigns i stumbled over during the last days:

1st, Mow the Lawn, for Wilkinson pubic hair shavers. Guess which company did the endtag? If you think you know who you can win the razor from the spot, we have it here at the office.


Awesome Scrabble spot!

Smart outdoor campaign by Agency Leo Burnett

Psyop delivered their second cardboard spot for UPS, amazing lighting and texturing isn't it? Guess who worked on it? If you know it this might be your chance to win a piece of the original cardboard that was used for the spot...

The Buckers from LA created this amazing short for the F5 Fest that was held in NYC 2 weeks ago. More spots for F5 can be found here: KLICK

If you haven't seen it yet: David Wilson music video for Moray McLarens "we got time" is really stunning because all the effects are supposedly made in camera without any use of CG or compositing. But If you look closely there were some masks drawn in the edit. If that can be declared as compositing is up to you, dear reader.

Takeuchi Tachijin created this wonderful stop motion piece about a wolf chasing a pig in pictures. Love the idea and the great ways of realizing it. How many toners do you think he used to print all those pictures?

And the last one for this week: Buck NY for the introduction of the new appearance of the soft drink Mountain Dew including fancy footage of skater P Rod. I was working on 3D, Animation and Compositing. For a higher res version please klick here: KLICK

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