Nr. 1
Yay! Got them back, the MK2's, and now there's a new start under a new name with new music, Ladies and Gentlemen: DJ Lupo is in the house from now on. And, only for you - dear reader - the next mixtape is coming soon!

Also we started the springtime quite sporty with an exiting game of soccer and ultimate frisby in the park on the first - and so far only warm day so far. Yker shares some pictures on his flickr page HERE

After these exciting activities we also had the first BBQ so far on the roof and it was the perfect start for a grill-season, soon underlayed by funky beats from my new decks (I am pretty excited about them, as you can notice...)

Grill master spinbalon made...

...fingerlicking good food.
And Helen recently updated here blog with tons of new work, that is totally worth to check out HERE

Wittle Universe

UPS Gladiator for Psyop

Dante's Inferno for Psyop


onionHead said...

woah!!! can't wait to meet your new decks. What are you going to name them?

thomas said...

check out theamircanjob and get a ticket all around the world - fun and handsome people included.

Nice upload Lupo.