NZ Diary: Day 6

Good morning beach and water, hey fishes - how are you doing?
After a pretty cold night in the tent we stretched our tired arms in the first rays of the morning sun (yes, another early wake up call), smoothly dressed in still wet cloth and jumped right into the kayaks to continue the journey. First thing on the list: hunting breakfast!

No breakfast there, only huge salad-trees...

...ahhhh, that looks way better. And smells a bit fishy.

Oh yeah! Seals on a whole grain sandwich with Weka-eggs, seaweed and avocado. Delicious! (The small seal babies with their huge seal eyes were particularly tasty.)

After that amazing and rich breakfast (one seal per kayak) we quickly went to the next beach, waited in the water for the water taxi (where else?) and got picked up with all the equipment, kayaks and so on and brought back to our starting point. Why the rush you might ask yourself - dear reader - well, we had to travel all the way down to the jungle on the west coast and the clock was ticking...

On the way to the west coast, the clouds tried to look as epic as possible to impress us with some LOTR Matte Painting look-a-likes...

Epic river winding them self through the misty jungle-hills? There you go:

I think when we got to the west coast it was the first time that we had rain in the afternoon, but it was worth it! Cold, windy, nasty rain slapping in our faces while we leaned out of the car to take those pictures.

And that's the place we were heading to, a holiday home in the middle of the jungle
in Punakaiki. So awesome! We had to go through the jungle (with a big ass suitcase that can be frustrating to reach the place) - more pictures soon.

The master bedroom - reserved for Helen and me...

And that night it was my turn to prepare some food so it was time to show the kiwis some serious pasta madness with separate bacon and a lot of good nz red wine.


onionHead said...

Baby sea lion eyeballs were tough to chew though. but delicious!

Gareth said...

I wanna go back to the mother land again. Soooo good. Nice pics Coooooony