Day 4: Journey to the South Island

After a kind of hectic wake up at the hostel and the quickest luggage packing in the history of mankind the fellowship met on the Ferry "Interislander" that took us from Wellington to Picton on the South Island.

Why did we go there are you going to ask yourself - Dear reader - well, first of all there are less people (only 1 million) down there and more room for guys like us. And for sheep.
Also it's supposed to be ever prettier than the north island, there are the Southern Alps, impressive glaciers (even though they're melting under the broken ozon layer sun), rough coasts, Rohan, quite a lot of Jungle and the Able Tasman national park (one of the many National parks) - our first destination.

And apart from an stunning landscape on the tiny fjord cover north coast there were some american friends awaiting our arrival:

I hope these pictures won't lead to a copyright battle between Disney (yes, the top one is supposed to be Micky Mouse) and the Picton Park authorities.

And this is what you see all the time from the tiny roads winding through the country side. Water, hills, forrests, bla bla bla...

...clouds, fields, mordor...

...sailboats, postcard-like sceneries...

...and one of the best fish&chips shops of NZ. The world-famous Smokehouse.

It was so good that it not only turned our facial expressions from "exciting and stunned about the landscape" to "yum, that is so delishhhh", as you - dear reader - can see on the picture above.

The food was so good it even made someone jump really high. If you - dear reader - know who this might be, you can win the leftovers of this delicious meal and a can of tomato-sauce.

And then it continued, sailboats, water, sky...lalalala

At night we saw this shiny yellow fellow smoking a pipe in the sky...

...and to let him know our names, we wrote them with magic light in the middle of the fresh night air.

And after seeing this picture (one of many at the beautiful cottage) I got skeptical about the whole "there are no dangerous animals in New Zealand" stories everybody told us.

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alter thom said...

ne schöne dicke botero katze und das niedliche bild von der mieze!


ich will jetzt auch nach neuseeland, reicht aber nur für neuseenland in cospuden.