Cloisters, BBQ with Emmett and Glücklich1

Last weekend (happy Easter afterwards btw) Helen and me went far uptown to the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum showing some serious medieval European art and architecture in a reconstructed mixture of 5 different down-scaled French medieval Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park on the north-west side of Manhattan.

It feels really funny walking through those halls and looking at art pieces that were collected from all over Europe, mostly by George Grey Barnand, knowing that this is more like a best-of Middle-Ages than an authentic setting with a really long history to it.

Once you've been to a real medieval cloister or castle in Europe it's kind of hard to take the cloisters serious because most of the exhibited pieces are older than the United States and they just don't really belong there.

On the other side it's a great way to get the feeling for those old buildings and the collection really is stunning, especially the unicorn tapestries, which are a great seller in the gift shop of the cloisters.

So, in the end - if you, dear reader - are in the mood for some medievalism, I can highly recommend to take the A train up to 190th street and check out not only the museum but also the beautiful Fort Tryon park that surrounds it right on the Hudson river. And if that doesn't satisfy you, than you might wanna get a plane ticket and get across the Atlantic to see the real medieval deal in places like Naumburg an der Saale, Germany for example.

Then, Mr. Emmett turned older again and he gathered all his friends around at the east river on a beautiful sunny and warm saturday to celebrate. Here, as usual, uncommented pictures of people having fun. In the sun.

Sarah started a Fashion Blog recently, called public persønæ, and looking at all the projects and nice pictures and interviews she put on there already makes me feel like she's taking it very seriously. Check out the 30 Days Project, really amazing, especially thinking about her wardrobes size by now...

And one last thing, my old roommate and his band Glücklich1 were also in town and played at a small venue in K-town to bring some Berlin-flavour over the ocean. Check out their website or myspace and enjoy their slightly melanchonic but playful sounds.


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Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

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