Yo La Tengo

The Place to be. (Hip.)
The McCarren Pool

Here they are, rocking hard - The band constantly changed their style from nice indie-soft songs to e-guitar smashing hard rock. So I actually just liked half of the songs Yo La Tengo played, but anyhoo, it was the final poolparty at McCarren Park, cause they gonna turn it back into a pool again next year (I can't wait to see the hipsters in tight swimming trousers...) and gladly we made it there right in time after having a delicious iced coffee at Caffe Capri - still the best one in town.

Hoorgarden Summer Ale, Sunshine, free Rock-Music and cheerful people - what a great Sunday.

My camouflage shoes are almost invisible on the ground of the McCarren Pool. Yvonne's not really. But they look good too.

Alex is hiding his finger somewhere in his nose while watching the beautiful night-sky-line from that little spot on the east river in Williamsburg.

And Maxie rather looks into Camera Diaz then across the river. Fair enough. Camera is pretty pretty.

And here another giveaway wallpaper for your desktop - it actually is kind of a wallpaper, but an analog one, turned into a digital one via a digital camera. Zeros and Ones but still streetart. Weird...

As you can see - dear reader - my brain is a bit fried after working quite a lot over the last days so please excuse the lack of thoughtful information and text in this post. Cheers.

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