On Roofs

It can be more or less difficult to get on roofs in the city. The french guy Philippe Petit chose to walk on a wire to the roof on the other tower of the WTC in the 70s - and because people think that this is a big deal - they made a movie about it. And you - dear reader - should totally check it out. It"s amazing, funny and makes you wanna become a rebel fighting the stiff society...

So after seeing people climbing around on roofs, Kim and I decided to try the same and - here comes the cracker - it is super easy to get on rooftops in the city. Well, actually we only tried two, cause we went to the wrong building for a rooftop party, but the doorman didn't even ask where we were going. So next time I am having a party here I'll just conquer a roof in the city. Pretty rebellious.

And that's one of the reasons to hang out on roofs. And the great view as well.

This here is just a giveaway wallpaper the TAJ Photographer Camera Diaz took last night on her way home.
And: New favourite song of the TAJ Team:
"The Makings of You" by Curtis Mayfield

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