Sorry, I am late

It was a bit stressful at the office over the last couple of days and after long hours in front of the screen the whole TAJ-team felt too drained to keep you - dear reader - up with the latest in nyc. So first of all: Good bye Roman! Althought he left the office and new york one week ago, I think it's never too late to say: farewell my friend, take good care and rock the austrian industry! It was a pleasure working with you and sorry again, that your team didn't win the european cup.
For more info about his work and live: The official Website
and his lovely Flickr albums.

Then the TAJ team went to see sebastien tellier live - and - well - it was - well - kind of weird. I think he is super famous in France, regarding a 100% french audience, but nothing more. Weird guy althought he was produced by one of the Daft Punks...

Then the whole office beach trip (2weeks ago - jesus - the TAJ was lazy!) didn't happen because of crazy rain showers - and apparently it's becoming kind of a weird habit of the weather here to rain the hell out of it every sunday afternoon. Right now it's raining again. Strange.
Anyhoo, after going down Brookyn all the way with 6 people in a small Saab car (and that wasn't a pleasure) we turned right before actually seeing the water and had drinks and amazing food (schwäbischer kartoffelsalat) at Kate's beautiful place. So after all a killer afternoon, just without any sand or water - apart from the rain-water of course.

Oh Yeah, the Schwäbischer Kartoffelsalat - delicious

At the same day in the morning our most favourite Kiwi just ran half a marathon in Manhatten, which makes him officially the sportiest person in the office, followed by Basketball-Pete and maybe I am getting close to the third place, with riding Tyron and - having new running shoes - running 3 times a week at prospect park (You can easely spot me, I am the sweaty one with the red head who smokes at least 2 cigarettes while he's running - european style!)
But I am very proud of G-Diddy (1:50h for 12 Miles I think) and the plan is to join him next year. Maybe...

Sporty Spice
Then: You might already have it, but if not - the Diplo vs. Santogold Mixtape that takes circles on the Super Data Highway is a must have summer mixtape. We are listening to it all the ime at the office - so get it here (klick on the picture below) and enjoy!

Okay, that's it for now. I am sorry for the inconvenience of a delayed post - I hope it won't happen again.
Ooops, no - Thats not it - Eva arrived in NY, so welcome Eva, hope you gonna have an awesome time here! Check out her and Rob's Blog here: KLICK

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