Philli Folk Fest

Almost the whole office went to the pretty area of Schwenksville close to Philadelphia on the weekend to attend the PF - the Philadelphia Folkfestival.
And it was - well - interesting.
And exiting.
I don't wanna put a cynical tone in that post (hopefully that doesn't offend anyone) so all I am saying is that I wasn't really into the music althought I actually love Folk music, but I guess more the modern stuff like kings of convenience or jose gonzales rather than some banjo-fidel-world-music stuff with dancers expressing the lyrics in a musical kind of style.

Also it was the first festival I ever went to and maybe I expected something different - like having at least a bit of space between the tents, but they were almost built over another. Usually you trip over the strings that hold the tent steady - well, I tripped over complete tents at night.

The nature around the festival area was amazingly beautiful, so we spent most of the time recharging our greeness-batteries at a close-by river chillaxing, drinking (yes - in public - please dear reader, don't call the authorities now) swimming and walking. After a while in the concret beauty of ny one starts to appreciate the rustling leafs on the huge old trees and the sun that shines through it, underlined by singing birds.

But of course even in the countryside you can find dangarous things lying around - like streets. So luckily the pensilvanian guardians of helpless walkers and mountainbikers put up these helpful signs to protect them from the scary streets. You might not spot it on the first sight - it's that greyish long thing between the path...

The Food was pretty amazing too. After experiencing an american Autobahnraststätte (which was like a fast food mall in bright neon light) on the way down there I was already over fast food so I skipped the amazing variety of greasy and neither really organic nor healthy food always thinking about the great restaurants one can find in ny. Fortunately we had our fancy Volunteer batches the allowed us to eat backstage, where friendly other volunteers cooked for us.

I'd wished there were even more volunteers to take care about the visitors diet.
Without a doubt - I saw many many fat people. I never really believed in the prejudice of the fat nation until I realized this weekend that it is scarily true. Not only huge, but also without any sense for style nor a smile on the bright red shiny faces - maybe it's too much of an exercise to get up these muscles in the corner of the mouth.

I spent long times just watching people passing by and tried to understand how this beautiful country with it's lovely inhabitants became like it is today. I gonna read through it and keep you - dear reader - up to date.

And you were no one without a mug. We saw them in every size and style, some glowing, some shiny and most of them filled with healthy softdrinks. Well, this one right here only got pure booze in it. And that is without a doubt the best thing to put in there.

And that's what happens after having one of the mugs...
Peolpe turn into lions and guitar-playing flowers. So, Kids, don't try that at home!

Pete and Rosie enjoyed themselfes very much, also did the 3 other couples I went with. Not that it is not great to hang out with four couples, I love every single one of them, but a wingman couple - that just doesn't work.

The volunteer status didn't come for free - we had to work hard for the batches. Thomas and Danielle are giving quite a good example of that I guess.

Well, anyways, it was fun, no doubt. Something different for sure, but an experience that made me personally appreciate the life in new york very much. Not only that we got great food and the best coffee in the world here - it is also really hard to actually find poo to step in.
Next to the river - no problemo.

PS: Thanks to thomas for letting me use his picture. Camera Diaz was chillaxing and smoking pot most of the time. I think she's getting dreadlocks now....
And of course to Alexis and Ben for organizing the whole trip for us and for driving on the overloaded highways.

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