Say it with a pizza-box

Having so much space underneath the amazing miami-80s-killer-design it's pretty obvious to put "God bless America" and "Say NO to Drugs" on the box.
I am not sure if I am coming back soon though...

But - Dear Reader - please go to the movies on a rainy or a sunny day or night and watch Wall-e, the new Pixar movie, you might have heard about it. We saw it last night and were certain, that it's the best Pixar-Movie so far. Awesome Animation, Rendering, Story, Camera, Soundtrack, Idea and Credit-Titles in the End. Don't miss it.


E.T. said...

walle - darling i am so not gonna not miss this. batman is the man maybe hulk too.

aber vielleicht schenk ich meinen kindern die dvd zu weihnachten nicht.

a propos nach hause telefonieren, wie wars am office-beach? halte mein satellitentelefon immer richtung amerika...

liebesgrüße aus leipzig, dein

Anonymous said...

A big Hello from the olde Heimat,
illes pizzapacking there at the other side of our sphere! I'm thinking a slogan „es muß ein Ruck durch Deutschland gehen“ at the Joe's-Box will be much fun… or not? hmmm ? WallE starts here at end of september, so we have to wait for the strassenfeger. Go on with the blog, greetings to Tyrone, thx for the summermix, have fun!

sebastian in bratwurst-city