Roman, the Austrian intern considering to change to change his job after he found out that some fellows from his beloved motherland are running a renovation business here.

We serve with pride! At least on the Long Island Railroad. Not so much in other parts of the daily life like supermarkets or shoe-stores, where I always feel strangely unnoticed or unwelcome...

Hardcore-second-row-parking in the hood.

And here is finally another one of the promised pictures of the hood. Originally with porches, nice trees and the typical Brooklyn-Style house, that I really like.

nomoresleep finished the work on OstwaldHelgason's new site. Check it out - dear reader - and klick on the pic.

Then we have an amazing Stop-Motion spot here by PES: Western Spaghetti

And Yker and Gareth finished almost one year after starting with the idea there lovely little Clip "I Like U U Like Me".
I like it.
Very much.

And if you have some time - dear reader - please take it to check out THE BIG PICTURE, a Blog of really amazing Press-Photographs compiled by Alan Taylor for the Boston Globe.

And massive congratulations to Max and Daniel, their Movie "Fallen Gelassen" just won the first price at a Media-Design-Contest at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar. KLICK

And also Rob & Eva started their NYC Blog Rauch&Regen: KLICK
with some cool pictures of the last weekend, cause camera diaz stayed at home watching "The mighty Boosh" and "Garth Marenghis Dark Place" - and she's got a pretty good taste when it comes to TV shows...I can tell

Okay, that was a media-refreshing-post. The TAJ-Team wishes a good week.

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ein druffi said...

björk mit brass band. ich geh steil. aber nicht so steil wie das kirchendach von gräfenhainichen. das ist nämlich das steilste in ganz europa, wurde gemessen.

conne. nächstes mal biste beim melt mit von der pillen-partie.

grüße aus dem ost-block auf den ostwald-blog

dein thobyas