Happy marriage

All the best to the beautiful couple.
They got married on Saturday in Prospect park and afterwards we all had delicious nibbles (handmade by Pete&Rosie - they should totally start a Catering-Service) and drinks at Kate's amazingly beautiful Place that reminded me on Apartments you usually see in interior design magazines.

Of course everybody was in a great mood and we just emptied one bottle of white wine after another. As you maybe can see in Thomas' face here...

The well-know Phallus-Building is the Brooklyn-equivalent to the empire state building and of course you can see it from everywhere here in the hood. So as you - dear reader - can guess, it is time to start a new series on your beloved digital-NFT-infomerical-website TAJ: The Brooklyn Phallus Building from every angle.
Number one is from Kate's garden.

Just another random sunset that tried to catch my and Camera's attention with fancy red illumination of the hood. They are everywhere these sunsets - what can you do?

The deal!
Like in fruit or veggis but concentrated!
And so good for you!
Purchase them quick at your local Vitamin Shoppe

The suicide-mob...

...and his friend, the rip-off hydrant.
And of course we celebrated independence, liberty and freedom on 4th of July on a roof in Redhook (maybe the new Williamsburg...).

It was raining like every year, but the fireworks were amazing, especially with a view on both the downtown and uptown ones.

So, Independence, Love and Harmony all on one weekend - pretty awesome!

And the one and only Rob arrived last week and the TAJ-team says: Welcome to the states, Mr Smokefoot, hopefully you'll have a killer time.


gandalf said...

all the best for the kiwi-couple. truely "lord of the rings"...

ja, unabhängigkeitstag. war nicht gestern auch hot-wett-wegessen? hab ich heute bei dabei ab zwei gesehen.

viele grüße aus old eutritzsch.

deine thomas blocksberg

AndiP said...

Thanks for the new Wallpaper!!
You´re amazing!

Grüße aus der Alpha

Sportredaktion@TAJ said...

No, you are amazing Dude!
Wallpaper? The Pictures? Thank you.
Regards to the Alpha and all the others in LE und WE. Bussi