NZ Day One

All right, I am not sure if I will put up pictures from each day of the trip seperately, but we shot so many that it might end up with that diary style.

NZ North Island with cute puffy clouds from above

NZ South Island (with the misty mountains in the back) from above/side

So here's day one, the arrival of the NY Fellowship in Wellington (capital of NZ, about 424.000 inhabitants in the whole region) after quite a long flight with the recommendable Air New Zealand Airline across the Pacific. We were suprisingly brisk and enjoyed a few welcome-drinks on G's parents terrace with a stunning view across the city and the harbor.

20°C, sunny, fresh wind from north west

A big Yay for Water, Sun, Wind and Captain Planet!

After Lunch the fab 4 went up Mount Victoria (or in local lingo: Mount Vic) to see the first tree in quite a while after spending almost the entire winter in front of computer screens. Supposingly Weta (which is based in Wellington and earned the city along with other production-companies the name Wellywood) shot quite a few scenes of that award-winning triology about little people doing big stuff in that very forrest we're staring into.

More Trees, ...

...more Water and Wind and Wellywood in the back.

Tireswing-stunts presented here by Adam, doing a Tire-360-Nose-Flip-Grab-Pop-Tip-Toe.

And that's how it looks almost everywhere in the urban jungle of Wellington - Victorian houses, San-Francisco-Styled-Streets and everywhere Americans standing around dazzled by the beauty of this city.

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