Day 2: Wedding (again)

So guess who got married for the second time - this time in New Zealand?

Here's a hint - if you - dear reader - were there that day you might have seen the beautiful couple getting officially united. Again.

Still no clue?
Okay, the handsome guy in the gray suite is not me. Neither is the gorgeous girl in the white dress me, nor one of the bridesmaids.

Of course it is G and Vic. Getting married (again) on this wonderful Sunday in the middle of the harbor promenade of Wellington and looking all dashing. (Vic's Dress was handmade by her mom)

But the Bride and Broom were not the only ones looking really smashing...

...while they were glancing and pointing at camera diaz and...

...finding myself in a suit for the first time in years made me wanna become a catalog-model for C&A instantly. Or a spy. For C&A.

The problem about taking pictures in the 16:9 format is that sometimes you loose the important things on the top or bottom. Can you - dear reader - tell me what's missing in this picture? If you get it right there might be a hot flatwhite waiting for you. (Just to prevent misunderstandings at this point - a flatwhite is a coffee with milk and very popular in New Zealand)

Another thing that is flat and white are these ribbons, here shown by Helen in a very attractive way. At the traditional dance after the afternoon coffee we might have went a bit to crazy with these...

...and after the ceromony there was an afterparty, and after the party was a hostel lobby...

...and a very bad hangover the next morning.


phibs said...

i am really jealous. I wanted to go so bad!!!

glad you had a good time!

holy shit said...

you are the great gatsby - for real.

Man ey, neuseeland ist ja wohl eine reise wert. obwohl der thüringer wald auch nicht nur schattenseiten hat.

schöne grüße aus der deep lands bay,

rawmeyn said...

aaahhhh CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :)