Day 3

Day 3 started with a nice and greasy breakfast, exactly the thing we all needed to get rid of the massive hangover that sneaked into our heads while we were asleep.
What you - dear reader - can't see in this picture is the famous band Fat Freddys Drop, one of New Zealands export hits, sitting right behind us at this awesome surfbar on the beach.

On the way there we saw a Penguins-Crossing-Sign and from that moment on Kitty was hooked up to see these little puffy (and apparently very smelly) birds...soon you - dear reader - will find out if we succeded.

You're nobody in NZ without a house, a terrace and a frickin awesome view from that very terrace onto middle-earth, as Vic's brothers place shows here.

Too top awesome views you need a house that can only be reached via a lift through the jungle, like this one here:

and of course an even more amazing view on your Front yard, lit by Godrays:

Back yard:

And the freshly (again) married couple enjoying the sunshine and hand killed food at a BBQ, but we gonna go deeper into NZ specialties soon, so watch out for the next posts, dear reader.

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alter john said...

schöne grüße von frau schöber aus taucha.