Vacation in the countryside...

...with Tom Steuer...
(trick-question - dear reader - what the hell is that little bird looking at? or into? Answers or comments to solve that are highly appreciated by the TAJ team)

...and Hackepeter Con wearing Sunflowerglasses.

So, the other day Thomas (you - dear reader - should know him by now) and me went up to New England to enjoy some high-quality all-American Vaca-time and of course, first thing to do in the Hamptons: pulling over to get some cash at the Drive Through ATM. After that we drove straight into the supermarket to get some Groceries, then into the shop where they sell this fancy porcelain and then finally into a swimming pool. Unfortunately we didn't rent a Pick Up Truck nor a SUV so all the stuff we bought got really wet.
But luckely the sun was shining all the time so the four organic apples for 9$ got dry pretty quick.

The Maunthawk Lighthouse on the tip of Long Island. The legend says that from the top one can see the sunken Cauliflower II, the Watertaxi, that brought the first Pilgrims from the Ikea in Plymouth over to the Hamptons, where they got rich, out of a sudden.

As usual I was pretending to read on a beach. I figured that is just something good to do, having some excitement for the beautiful brain.
What you - dear reader - can't see on this picture is the freezin cold Atlantic Ocean that got ran into by Thomas and me earlier that morning. And - great thing about off season traveling - we just had to share the beach with some Seagulls and some Pick-Up-Trucks. (turned out to be a drive-through beach, and we being all european walked all the 2min long way from the parking lot down through the dunes, soooooo stupid, gosh!)

A stunningly picturesque Nature Resort close to Orient, on the North West tip of Long Island, that luckely had a road going through so we didn't need to leave the car to enjoy some serious nature.

On the Ferry to New London the sky showed some serious volumetric light and shine skills.

And did I mention that we came at the right time for the indian summer? If not, here is the evidence that we did. Amazing colours all over, and we learned that the trees are actually trying to immitate colours of Jeeps, SUVs and Pick-Ups. Cause they like them so much.

Thomas, being quite excited on board of the Northstar 3. We went on a Polarbear watch tour but once we got up to Alaska all we saw was Russia, Sarah Palins House and some ice cubes. So we decided to head back to Provincetown, Cape Cod, where out of a sudden 5 Humpback whales jumped out of the water...

...and surrounded the ship, telling us in whalish all kinds of stories 'bout where they come from and what they are up to and bla bla bla. It was super-boring. So, here's a good advice for you - dear reader - whales might look impressive, but they're to avoid when it comes to smalltalk at dinnerparties.

Splish, Splash, we are so big, and so heavy, bla bla bla, and so old....yawwwwn!

Provincetown, on the north tip of Cape Cod, really pretty. The dude living in the tower was a bit weird, tried to steal Thomas' Ice Cream but apart from that and the approximately 500 lesbians couples on the streets it was a pleasure to see the small town.

Did I mention the Indian summer thing yet? Well, colourful, like a sony bravia commercial...or a Priscilla Presley Fragrance...

And here a Picture of Thomas driving through a drive through country.

Best thing about the life in Motels: you get Plastic Cups wrapped up in plastic (each and everyone) so you can be sure that absolutely no plastic gets into your cup before you unwrap it.

More pictures and stories from trip are coming soon...as well as a good reason not to go to Confetticut after 9pm and the inconvenient truth about something you - dear reader - wouldn't believe. (actually this is just a cliffhanger to get you excited about the next post here on the TAJ...)

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