We went to the Riggio Galleries of the Dia Art Foundation yesterday. The building is a former Nabisco Plant in the small town of Beacon right at the Hudson river and offers wide spaces for the modern Artworks that are all - and here's the cracker - lit completely by daylight.

Inside you find Artworks by Beuys, Wharhol, Serra, Flawin, Richter (to name just a few) and they all unfold their potential and mood really good in the these wide open spaces.

Especially the works of Richard Serra made a big impression on me (again), lit by the autumny afternoon sun. Unfortunatley I got lost in one of them and had to call for help. They brought a welder to get me outta there. Sorry Richard, we put the piece we had to cut out right back at it's place...

Another great part of the whole trip was the 2 hour ride along the Hudson up to Beacon through the starting Indian Summer in Upstate New York. Soooo beautiful!
Thomas and me will head out next week for some high quality va-ca-time and then we'll provide you - dear reader with more stunning pictures of the autumn in America.


Anonymous said...

na ihr glückskinder...ihr habt noch herbst. in freaking saskatoon is der winter bereits ausgebrochen.
grüß ma den thomas von mir und viel spass bei eurer quality time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jungs! Freue mich immer Neues von euch zu lesen und zu sehen, genießt die Tage, auch hier ist es herrlich, nicht nur vom Wetter her sondern der neue Mac macht auch das Leben schön, bald können wir richtig kommunizieren. Ciao, der Alte!