Now that the winter is near (really near, temperatures here dropped within a week) we are about to make something colourful, that you - dear reader - will be able to watch on this very blog soon.

And it is really cool to paint things instead of just using the paint bucket tool and filling everything with a solid colour in Photoshop...

This is the picture I wasn't able to take last year, so now it is about time to show it: The guggenheim museum. And seeing it live makes a huge difference, it's just beautiful.

Heren liked seeing it too, as well as the awkwardly dark drawings of Alfred Kubin at the Neue Galerie.
The really are dark and cruel and usually about death so you have to be in kind of a good mood to enjoy them... (this one here is just an example of the over sized creatures appearing here and there in the drawings)

I fancied more the paintings of Egon Schiele because of his graphic approach seems so modern right now that you wouldn't believe he did all that a hundred years ago.

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