Vancouver 2010 de Buck - Studio d'animation

Voila, C'est ca, les amis over à Les Etats Unites createured this tres bien petit clip pour le Olympic Wintergames 2010 à Vanouver.
Congratulatiòn. Je like it very beaucoup. Pour getting to the Site de Web Klick à la picturè above or underneath justement.

´Je even can remembre de travailler on the premiere frame in my derniere week à Bück. That makes it très cool to voir the animatiòn ici.

Yeah, Sunshine! Totally forgot about that after 4 weeks of cloudy november-rain-styled weather. But there it was - shining bright into my eyes. Lovely.

And this is a pretty famous building, our friend Goethe used to do gardening in there...And you are nobody in Weimar when you're not taking at least one picture of this house each week.

And these two handsome guys are DJing tonight at the Planbar again, kicking the shit out of the Serato. It's definetly worth to check out. Starting at 10pm, reggea, dubstep, rap, deephouse.

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