Showfensterbummel in Weimar/Old NY Pics

OK Sportsfans, we start today with some pictures I took on my last day in NY to capture this awesome 50's flair at the flat in brooklyn. Above you see a timer-light-switch.
Underneath my beloved Caffe Capri. Joe and Maria are selling the best Iced Coffee in NY there and it's a place you - dear reader - should visit one day. The interior design, the smalltalk on the counter, the pictures on the wall - it's just amazingly sweet. (427 Graham Av, Brooklyn)

Every morning the same question in the shower - which one is for hot water?

A hot stove that even survived the cold war. Ta-da.
Ok, but to be fair here some Pictures of weird things in Weimar that Thomas and me found today on the Foto-Safari. (The snow started falling last night - please appreciate - dear reader - that we went out at a freezing temperature of 0° C or 30°F to provide you with these amazing inside-views)

This Painting here shows Knut, the sweet little polarbear from the zoo in Berlin greeting a guy that used to be pretty famous in Weimar (and whole germany of course) a couple of years ago...you know him, he's got a weird beart, but I'm too afraid to write down his name)

One of those apostrophe-catastrophe's

raw minced meat on a bun for just 1€ - delicious!

OK, that's a tough one:
-cool, crazy, self-confident
-no reservations
-hot music
-trendy TV
-ultracool haircuts
-laid-back atmosphere
-your number 1 hairstylist
-professional, communicative, funky
Hairkiller-with the licence to style

Prices on food and booze: all the stuff on the table (9 bottles of good wine, 12 finest south-american steaks, tons of fruits and veggies) for 70€. That's insane, compared to New York Cittttty. And It was way too much, but everyone on the table was happy:

The guy in the middle - Daniel - finally shows his diploma-movie this friday at the Lichthaus-Cinema at 3:30pm. It's totally worth to check out the crazy stuff he and Max produced over the last 6 month.
Be there or be square.

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