The new room in the old town

Weimar, home to so many thinkers, artists and drunk students. It might not be a big city, but it is very small.

Moved to my old appartment on saturday and it's freakin awesome - all that space for a small amount of money - saweeeeet. I am riding my bike every morning to get from bed to my desk. It's quite an exercise, but I don't wanna loose the muscles from the every-morning-across-williamsburg-bridge-ride. Do I?

Autumn in Germany. Some call it depressing, I call it Colour like no other. (the Sony people gave me tons of money to write that...)

Smart people hanging around here everywhere. That guy here looks a bit pale, but he wrote some awesome plays and dramas. If you - dear reader - know the famous person I am writing about just tell me the next time we meet and you may recieve a suprising present...

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