Homework for the Weekend

Dear reader, i stumbled over quite a lot good and interesting things on the super-data-highway over the last few weeks but i totally missed to post them on this digital thingy here. So your homework for the weekend will be to check every single one of the links below. There might be a short-test taking place monday morning, so you'd better be prepared.

#1 Polish Film Posters

49 more awesome ones can be found here: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/50-incredible-film-posters-from-poland/

#2 Weird Condom Commercials
for girls:

& for boys:

These are sooooooo weird - really. Awkward!

#3 Atchoooo!

by the Fire Brigade

#4 Miguel A. Salek's updated his sick Particle Reel

#5 Helens Work-Blog-Site-thing
(that makes me really jealous...in a way...but starting to learn maya now...)

#6 Designer Julien Vallee
from canada has some nice stuff on his site here:

#7: MEG - Precious
Please watch the movie in full length, it's worth it, even though the beginning is kind of lame...but it ends up hilarious!

MEG - Precious @ Yahoo! Video

And the final one:
Camera Diaz had to work hard for the guys at the office 2 weeks ago, when the machines were rendering and they decided to make a short short stop motion piece with all the characters and toys lying around on our desks:

Instant Classic!


onionHead said...

yay . I've done my homework now. I'm ready for the test on Monday.

kevin from the 90´s said...

dear mister radical,

i could not do my homework this week. my parents only have an 56K at home.

maybe you can print the material next time.

kevin blochwitz