Although it was the worst weather on the weekend (kind of Londonish, humid, foggy and drizzling rain) the parents and me went down to dumbo to check the art under the bridge festival. It was pretty cool, like every year...but that was just the beginning.

A moving black thing on the street was THE attraction for the kids.

My new condo at the river.

Jonathan Yeo
On the way yo the new museum we accidentally found a gallery on houston and bowery, and it's totally worth to go there. Now that I am writing that here I totally forgot the name of it, but once I get home I will provide you - dear reader - with names of the place and the artists.
(Outsiders NY, until Oct 12th, 282 Bowery, www.lazinc.com)

Well, I know one - on the left side - Faile!

Not sure if this is part of the exhibition but it looks pretty sweet in my mind...

Worth to take a closer look on these leaves (and the bush portait)
it's all cut-out porn and there's a nice interview about Jonathan Yeo in the current Lodown magazine.

Invader & Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins

The Man!
And really worth watching for all the Sarah Palin Fans out there:

And of course the New Musuem, I remeber putting a picture of it on the blog a year ago, when it was still a huge construction side. The building is really amazing, the current exhibition After Nature is not that stunning, apart from Werner Herzog's depressing "Lessons of Darkness" and also two floors were closed so, I gonna wait for the next show to get the whole new-arty experience. But the view from the top floor is really nice.

One of the scary Ghost Bikes in the city that shows where cyclists got killed by cars.

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