Since I got this new telephone, it's so much fun to take pictures as you go. Quality is crappy, which makes Camera Diaz really upset, but what can I do? Here a little round up from the last few weeks...



The last remaining part of Leipzig's Blechbuechse.

As usual, Germany was really cold and gray and dark, which doesn't mean the countryside isn't pretty, maybe a bit desaturated...

...and once the sun comes out (1 day out of 7), it is gorgeous.

And even though my suitcase got lost (BOYCOTT DHL, please, they are terrible!!!) on the way to Germany, on the way back across Frankfurt I realized that worse things could have happened.

Richard Serra at the Airport in Toronto. Pretty art, but a terrible place to change flights to the US.

On the plane to NY this Chinese Lady was watching a hilarious Chinese TV show with Chinese actors dressed as nazis.
They fought ninjas.
And the nazi-wife's wore kimonos.
Very interesting stuff, made my delayed flight a joy. Did you - dear reader - notice that on the plane, other peoples screens are always way more interesting than your own?
Back in NY the remaining bits of snow from the blizzard. What is hidden in this picture? Trash bags, a bicycle or a car?

NYC law enforcement changed the rules over new years for people not paying their parking ticket: from now on they just burn your car.

Heavy snowflakes this morning, but no blizzard yet! Awwww.

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