LA Vol. 2

A few pictures from the trip to LA in march. The weather was fantastic, we picked grapefruits and tangerines right from
the trees and did some serious gardening. Oh — and of course we spent countless hours in the car.

The Getty Center is a very impressive areal containing a beautiful garden, many Richard Meier buildings, museums and
cactuses. You also get a great view over LA and a free ride in a cable car up the hill. Certainly worth a visit!

The LA food culture not only consists of fancy Hollywood restaurants but also of street vendors selling delicious
home cooking and weird fusions, like this korean bbq and mexican soulfood truck.

Another thing we got from one of the street food places in downtown is a Mexican (I believe) specialty: fruit and veggies
with chili, salt and lime juice. Amazingly refreshing and tasty!

Also we tried going for hikes far away from any civilization but the only suitable place we found was the
Angeles National Park where the devastating wild fires wiped out the entire vegetation last year. It looks pretty scary
and of course it was closed to public. Maybe next time...

The Gallery Nucleus had a fantastic show called The Untold Want, featuring the works of Sean Chao and
Jared Andrew Schorr.
Check out their sites if you are into weird miniature creatures and tactile-style cut out paper characters.

The last stop was at Buck LA, the office was designed in the style of Buckminster Fullers work. A lot of
bucky-bally-shapes and wood. Petty sweet!