West Coast Pictures Vol. 2

After a certain request in the comments the TAJ Team decided to upload a few more pictures from the trip along the west coast, this time also with more explanations. First of all - the trip we made looked like this on the map:

About 1400 miles along the Pacific Coast all the way from LA up to Olympia, WA, were Kitty, Adam, Vic and G were waiting for us at Kitty's parents beautiful place. So here are a few more impressions from along the way.

Explanations for the people of LA how to cross a street. Since they're always in a car they might have forgotten. In the back, the Walt Disney Hall of Music, a beautiful building by Frank Gerry, located in downtown LA.

After realizing that all the water from the streets of LA goes straight to the ocean I burned my speedos.

MJ tribute on the Hollywood Boulevard.

The classic America-Highway-Houses-On-Trailers-Picture, or short, an AHHOTP.

The first hundred days of Barack at a comic store in San Francisco.

A different point of view on the amazing Redwood Trees.

Who wouldn't like to try that, the original Czech Schnitzelwitch in Portland, Oregon.

Cleaning mussels that were caught right in front of Kittys parents beautiful place on one of the many sounds (which are parts of the ocean!) surrounding Seattle and Olympia. There were so many sounds that I already completely forgot, where ours was.

Here G performing Water-Jet-Ski-Ballet. Very graceful!

Double D checking on the Kids, ...

...playing in the ocean water. Apparently 2 of the kids played a bit to hard and got into a high speed that got filmed by Double D too. The video is coming soon.

A typical Seattle concrete Troll. And also a good place for a hiding picture.

Here another hiding picture. Especially G is doing a great job.

Stick walking along the Pacific, ...

...and the classic group picture in Seattle. What a wonderful journey. Thanks again sooooo much to Paula and Double D for being the best hosts on the west coast and to Helen for organizing most of the trip and to Kitty, Adam, Vic and G for being such great friends, even thought they sometimes try to kill you.


onionHead said...

hilarious last bit of your comment... "even thought they sometimes try to kill you. " lol.

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