Germany in the winter can be pretty depressing, especially when you have a solid gray sky for 7 days straight and temperatures around -5˚C. But apart from that it was a great trip, regards again to all the friends I hung out with, it was awesome seeing you!
Here some snowy pictures from Leipzig, both in the gray and in the sun.

The old town hall.

The new museum, they are having some great things going on right now, if you are around check out the 60 40 20 exhibition, a big compilation of all artists of the Leipziger Schule.

Sometimes you just need to paint things in order to get some colour in the desaturated environment.

Frozen rivers, ...

...and awesome type.

My favourite cafe: the Paris Syndrom (weird name, but who cares...) next to the gallery for contemporary art at the Clara-Zetkin-Park.

Berlin. In the gray.

But one learns to appreciate the sun coming out after such a long time and within a few moments smiles come back on peoples faces and everything looks so pretty.

Reminders of the good old socialist days, here with fancy fashionable snowhats.

And one more thing to do when you are in Leipzig: check out the MZIN store at Paul-Gruner-Str. 64. They got a huge collection of zines, limited edition presses and amazing graphic books. Also there are exhibitions happening and the owner knows a lot about every piece of paper in the store. Found the new Stefan Marx book there. Really good!

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