Halloween 09

That was fun! Not only that I saw a costume store on Saturday night that was completely messed up and emptied, but also tons of beautiful and creative costumes covering up drunk people jumping through the streets of Brooklyn.

Anna and Mike invited us to their new studio and took those beautiful pictures, thanks again so much for that!

The Kiwis (in super cute homemade costumes) tried to sneak in every picture that was taken that night, understandable in this case though, because they wanted to join their Grape friends for a beautiful Still Life.

My personal favourite: The Damian Hirst Installation Costume!

All Pictures ©2009 Anna Wolf, annawolf.com, mikeperrystudio.com

And a little note on the side, we were working pretty hard the last few weeks, that's why there was no time to post whatsoever. But the result looks great and can be found here soon....

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TheBrillenschlange said...

Coole Föten. Sind meine Urlaubsgrüße aus Grünau angekommen? Schick mir doch bitte mal Deine private Adresse für weitere Korrespondenz und so.