NZ Diary: Day 9

Day nr. 9 was X-Treme! It started with a X-Treme long drive through a X-Tremely beautiful countryside X-Tremely early in the morning...

...we came across X-Tremely hight snow covered mountains...

...to do what New Zealanders are famous for: X-Treme Sports in the rivers that come from the mountains.
And because the nature is so untouched there, the only way to get up the mountain is by helicopter. So X-Treme!

After flying all the way up we rafted in a very X-Treme manner all the way down the Whataroa River
through the so called Grand Canyon of New Zealand lead by the guys of Sweet As or formally called Ecorafting.

The X-Treme Grand Finale knocked 3 of us out of the boat. If you can guess who got X-Tremely wet, cold and scared being ditched under the boat in one of the toughest rapids you can win the pedal we lost on the tour.

X-Treme leg stretching...

Here the Grand Canyon and 2 people floating X-Tremely in the water, can you find them dear reader?

At the end of this funtastic but very X-Treme adventure we started jumping from boat to boat to get each other in the ice cold river. Kitty was the toughest to ditch, it took 7 attempts and 4 people. Respect!

In the back you can see the Franz Joseph glacier, created by a guy called Franz who had nothing better to do then carrying all that water on the top of the mountain to let it freeze and then throw it down again. The result is pretty stunning though.

...so much ice...pretty X-Treme if you ask me...

An X-Tremely pretty girl.

Beautiful, but also very X-Treme waterfalls...

Unfortunately we didn't capture the wild water horses (a common thing to see at rivers in NZ) that came splashing down on us...

One of those pretty Robin birds (I think)

After such a wonderful day even the sky made us a little present (it was the day before we're heading back to the north island) with this X-Tremely beautiful sunset. (Please note the ferns to show that it is an authentic NZ picture)

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