NY on the Bike Vol. 1

We went on a 54k bike ride through the city on Sunday (the weather was just too wonderful to stay in) to explore the bike lanes on both the east- and the west side of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island.

Obviously the views you get on the east side are better, but the bike/walking path along the FDR sucks! It's noisy, dirty and bumpy and for a long distance there's no room for bikes at all.

Roosevelt Island on the other Hand is almost completely car-free which makes it a joy to ride over there, even though the noise from the FDR travels across the water and distacts you a bit from looking at this lighthouse:

Nr. 1 Fitness-fruit banana and Balsen Butterkekse are a must on every bike ride!

Quiet on the left, Queensborough bridge in the middle (by far the nastiest of the NY bridges for cyclists) Manhattan and the noisy FDR on the right.

Certainly the best thing about the trip was (apart from the muscles we gained) the ride on the cable car back from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan. You - dear reader - might know that very cable car from the finale of the Spiderman movie, and as you can guess - the view is impressive. And one can ride it with the metrocard which is quite a good deal.

1st Ave from above, but please don't lean on it.

3 famous skyscrapers from a new point of view (if you can name all 3 of them, we still got some freshly caught fish from the east river here that you can win!)

And again, the Queensborough bridge. So dirty....

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