Exciting weekends are not rare here in the city that never sleeps but always brushes it's teeth.
We checked out the progress of the Highline, that's about to open soon (I think on 15th of June) in the meatpacking district where 2 weeks ago the last butcher closed down and made room for more fancy shops and bars. Kind of sad, but interesting to see how one of NYCs roughest areas changed into one of it's most expensive in quite a short time.

We continued our walk up the Westside to check out some galleries around 25th street...

...and tried to get this guy to give us a ride, but he was too busy on the phone so we just kept on walking.

And of course the classic things one does in NY on the weekend: hanging out with the Rollerdancers in Central Park, ...

...looking at the sunset on the Top of the Rocks...

... and sitting down on the closed down streets on Times Square to watch tourists. It's pretty amazing, even though there is still a lot of traffic around the place I really hope that the City authorities will decide to keep it that way after the 6 month trial-period. here a little selection of NY Times articles about the traffic free tourist-attraction: KLICK

And after all that sunset business we decided to stay up a bit longer to see mother sun rising again on the other side of the planet. pretty awesome.

And here some little things I came across over the last few days:

Sorry I'm Late from Tomas Mankovsky on Vimeo.

Awesome stop motion video, I love the horse.

Lou Romano blog about the design of the latest Pixar/Disney movie "UP":

If you - dear reader - haven't seen it you yet, please watch it (in 3D!!!), it's amazingly beautiful and touching. Another great one in the line of Pixar Movies.

And 2 news from Buck, we were finally allowed to put the Coke Zero Spot that LA did 15 month ago on the company's website after it was aired recently in Brazil. Check out the original here:

and what they turned it into for Brazil here:

And then the second Mtn Dew Spot that was over quite a long time composed, animated and traced:

15 power- and playful seconds of cel animaton, enjoy!

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