A little bit of nice advertisment...

After working in this industry for a bit now I really learned to appreciate good ideas and concepts for commercials. And by far the best can be found on the amazing blog called I Belive In Advertising. I can highly recommend to bookmark this page and have a look on it from time to time, you - dear reader - might be amused. From time to time.
And while you are enjoying a little preview here, I gonna keep on stuffing that Turkey in my kitchen...with some Ketchup...

Also, Robert Seidel, a Bauhaus-University graduate I met once for a split second in the Grafik room shortly after his stunning final Project "_grau" came out just updated his Website with another beautiful Ident for the British Channel Five (Buck LA made one too - check all of them out here: Klick) He was also working for Zero 7, the Phyletic Museum in Jena (AWESOME Project!!!) and other clients and was published on almost every important Magazine and Blog all across the Planet. (Well, almost every Blog...Here's finally the TAJ Post. Damn, that was about time...)

Kudos Robert, keep up the good work.

Oh, and while we are talking about people from the Bauhaus University, Thomas G. , studying Architecture finally got a YouTube Channel, thats worth checking out here: KLICK

And it's getting cold in New York. Pictures of People freezing coming soon.

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egon beyer said...

drei tage ohne internet und schon bin ich von gestern. die letzte werbung die ich sah, war der aral-spot wo der mann mit dem kanister läuft und dann kommt diese herrliche musik "i´m walking".

so fühl ich mich.

doch zum glück gibts die uni und dich - conradical. und schon glaube ich gut informiert zu sein.