Happy Birthday TAJ

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

today is officially first birthday of your beloved blog "The American Job™". For one year now you - dear reader - were given informal views behind the scenes of the authors life, the easygoing way to be in New York Citttty from a german point of view and many examples of the pretty interesting field of motion-graphic-design. (Well, hopefully....)
It was a pleasure to write all these postings and I wanna thank everyone appearing on the blog for the good times, the funny links, good stories and cool pictures.
Off we go to the next interesting year, perhaps already from may on the Blog will do an even better job, cause then it's gonna be more about america and a job there again.
Thank you very much - dear reader - for obviously reading this digital newspaper about something you were never really interested in before and commenting all the postings the TAJ-Team has provided for you on a at least weekly base.
So happy birthday dear Blog and every reader is invited to come to the beautiful city named Weimar on the 25th of april to the big taj-birthday-bash. Further details will appear here soon.

For shissel my nissel and Word!

The TAJ-Team

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