First of all the whole TAJ Team is wishing you - dear reader - a great new year with tons of new opportunities, love, health and eviromental progress.
Secondly we hope that this is going to be a great year for everyone who is about to finish uni soon, may they all get jobs or great internships.
Third, the great Ü2007 party was a big success, the whole city was there, drunk. Some of us had to stay sober, so it was kind of scary and funny to see what alcohol does to people - I mean they all had a cause to get pissed - but like that? Crazy!
Here some random pictures from the night, unfortunately camera diaz wasn't in the mood to take many pictures so Hannah helped me out for now and there are coming more soon.

Happy new year 1988.

Awesome - Shottapaul brought a Kiche! And it was DEE-licious.

Le petite Martine in the mood of wave

Well, I stayed sober all night, really.

Anyhoo, was a good start though and now full concentration on the bachelor. News from that soon here and more awesome new years pics...

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dominique görlitz said...

thanks for the wishes... taj.

das alkohol-ding scheint dir ja echt zu denken zu geben. na ja, das verfliegt auch nach ein paar campari-o wieder. glaube, liebe, hoffnung.

wer ist denn das hübsche mädchen in blau-gelb-gestreift auf der Ü2007 Party?

auf wiederhören.